Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Intentional Conversations

Conversations have always intrigued me. I am all about conversing and influencing. Thats what we all need to. That's what leaders do ; they inspire, they innovate and they deliver results. 
In my coaching I've always used the most powerful tool- intentional conversations. How do we achieve the results that we are looking for?
Meetings are so important at work place. We could make them very productive by being intentional. 
Few thoughts that I have had on this are:
- Every meeting has to be intentional and with a goal in mind, a vision of the outcome.
- Go with a positive energy and start on a positive fun note. Build the energy around.
- Build a rapport 
- Make a smooth transition into the main topic
- Pause and listen intently to what they say to understand their perspective 
- Summarise it back to them and reflect and ask what could you do to add value to their plan.
- Add your thoughts to theirs and wind up in their language. 
A good leader is one who has a great plan, take in other's perspective and shape it in a manner that the team feels accountable and a sense of belongingness is created. 
If you implement this tool , you will begin to see the team performing at a higher level. 
Innovate and Inspire ! 

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