Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Conceive, Believe & Achieve !

What mind can conceive, believe, it can achieve.. all that is required is to know what we don't know! 
Enjoyed being a judge at one of the Intercollege debate competition and the amount of enthusiasm these kids had was unmatched. Such events like debates , dialogues, focussed group discussions, role plays and other forms of performances enhance the social interaction skills, #selfconfidence#selfdiscipline & #selfexpression.

 The winners ... Was reminder of a memorable quote by Dr Manmohan Singh.  He said," You must respect the impatience in the you." I noticed that urgency and impatience to excel, to convey. The enthusiasm was unmatched.
Happy to see them perform, putting forward justifiable arguments !  

One of the greatest and easiest ways to throw off an opponent can be calling them out on details that require interpretation. Try to show the audience that they are not as sure of their information as they seem.Judging a Herculean Task !!!  The most important part of delivering a persuasive debate is the ability to lay out key points without delving immediately into details. This skill is essential because in order to compete in a debate successfully, students need to be able to react to their opponents’ points as quickly as they present their own. Mindfulness ..the art of being there in the moment is what leads to success . 

 Be charismatic; smile when appropriate.  Focus on your presence, on the impact that you are making and your body language when in front of the audience, but also try to gauge theirs. If your presentation is well delivered some people may be nodding or will appear otherwise engaged.

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