Friday, 29 April 2016

Is It Easy To Forgive ?

I was just thinking about forgiveness today. Its an important, but a tough action as what we think we have to forgive is usually something that is hard to let go of. These are the things that stay in the memory for a long time and this memory can evoke feelings that hurt as much today as they did then.

But we need to look at it from a different perspective. its about the energy involved. Undoubtedly there are a lot of emotions attached and forgiveness is a choice to release those emotions and the energetic hold that the seem to have on us is huge.

Lets make a deliberate effort and visualisation ..think about something someone said to you that was unkind, inconsiderate, something that you did not deserve. How do you feel? Are you able to recall each detail? Do you get the sad feeling once again?

Thats the emotional energy that it has. It still causes the same pain while you think of it again. These emotions are a lot strong and powerful.

We often hear people say, “ I would never get close to someone again”. There is a lot that is being impacted here in your life. Lot more than we can think.

Forgiveness helps let you get rid of this emotional baggage that limits your life, and lets you move on. And the best way to forgive is to say, “I forgive us”. The reason to say this is if we take the responsibility of what is in our life, we cannot take action to make the required change. This acknowledgement gives us the power to tread on a different path. Otherwise we are blaming someone else for our experience. We just need to cut the chord and release every aspect of the situation that exists.

Coaching has helped me become stronger and also helped me get back to my strong beliefs and values that I had imbibed. As a coach I have helped and walked along with my clients through this difficult issue and they express their anger, sadness, and a strong emotions of frustration at how badly they were hurt. I acknowledge their experience but I ask them simple questions like: how long do you wish to feel this way? Are you willing to release? Are you ready to connect back with peace? If so what do you think you can do ? Each one has an effective way to release.

The chord cutting exercise helps you forgive someone in a powerful, fulfilling way. It helps you realise it and you reap the benefits of forgiveness without feeling further victimised and powerless by a situation. It helps you get back the control of your life and enriches your relationship. I seek forgiveness too, to free myself of the guilt of hurting someone.

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