Saturday, 1 August 2015

Just a gentle Reminder...we are training future leaders not just raising kids!

During one of my coaching sessions with a parent from Delhi, the anxiety of the parent came up about how the child is going to get up and get going with a big group of kids going for a camp.

I was reminded of the moment when  I went to drop my daughter to UK and accompanied her (against her wishes) for her first day in the University and as I stood watching her walk towards the group of youngsters, I had a similar thought, “ how is she going to make herself comfortable , she doesn’t know anyone?”  But soon I saw her shaking hands with few and walking away happily and with confidence.

I walked away too, and just musing on the thought that this is the kind of leadership that makes a difference in one’s life. It’s leadership from where you are and it all begin at home.

It was an unnecessary thought in my mind. Why did that thought cross my mind? I had done my best as a parent and had inculcated all qualities of a leader in her!   
It all begins at home.  The little things that we teach our kids have the greatest impact on the future. Few important things to help you give a pat on your shoulder as a parent:-

Parents are role models, we have to set examples of the kind of human being that we wish to groom our kids into.  We often talk about our experiences but it’s more important to talk about their experiences and help them see in the most constructive way.  Guide them to look further out and learn to see the long term effect of the decisions that they take.

We often churn out rules, which are definitely important but principles will last a life time. It takes effort as one needs to live by them to integrate into a person’s life.  

We often say that our kids aren’t responsible enough. Help them to value contribution over consumption. They would soon learn to be responsible once you let them take up few.

Another most important message to be conveyed is that connecting with others matter a lot and the best way to do that is experience by reaching out to people, by looking into their eyes. Giving full attention to what’s around is what makes the other person feel you are present in the moment.

You got to live by the principles that you learn in life. Here I am reminded of what   Aristotle wrote of the “magnanimous man” . He is referring to a person who lives by a higher or more rigorous code than the average person, but not in a vain way. You need to live by the codes you have learnt.

It takes a lot to be a parent! We are training future leaders not just raising kids, leaders who have to lead their own life and others too! It’s an investment that we make today and reap tomorrow.
Make the right Investement !

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