Friday, 24 July 2015

The Art of Public Speaking

Getting on to the stage is so fearful for some but not so much for an experienced public speaker. If you have been on stage you know and understand the basics and you are pretty comfortable standing in front of an audience. If you are a good speaker already, what is it that makes you a memorable speaker? What is it that help you leave a powerful impact on the minds of the attendees?

Being memorable means making your talking points stick with the attendees longer. And if you speak what meets the needs of the audience your focus of your thoughts will automatically reach them. And, it surely does offer you a chance for your own growth in your career and personal accolades.

I have always been on stage since childhood so the fear of the stage is never there but over the years I have realized that Public Speaking is not really a matter of conformity to certain standards, it's not a matter of imitating a particular speaker, it's not a matter of externals but it's simply public utterance in conformity of what's within you. You should be, think and feel things that you are speaking and worthy of. Unless there be something of value within, no tricks of training can ever make you more than a perfected machine to deliver other person's goods. So here Self-development is one of the keys.

To stay in the memory of the audience you need to rule your thoughts, your feelings, and all your powers so that your words give a perfect unhampered expression of the inner you of what you really are. That's what makes you stand apart.And most importantly it's the mindfulness, the warm heart and the dominant will which are paramount; for unless you put your soul into what you speak and unless it's all within you and your values, it would never be powerful !

Once you have experienced being on stage, it's no longer daunting to stand in front of the crowd so now the focus should be to be more impressive. The most important here is being personable. Do not memorize your speech and recite the rehearsed jokes and pauses, instead, be in the moment. Find a way to connect to people, maybe by talking about the coffee culture of that place or something about the latest trends.

You got to portray yourself as a genuine, real, trustworthy compassionate person, with your eyes conveying each emotion that you ferry towards them. Genuine authenticity creates connection and connection creates relation.Highlighting and admitting your own weaknesses helps audience relate to you and put you in the same playing field as them. Humour is another feature that has always been a wonderful way to make an instant connection with others, and adding humour into a public speech will keep your audience intrigued, entertained and energetic.

To be unique and stand out among other speakers you may innovate and wear a pink shirt every time and people might start calling you a "pink shirt guy" but they would certainly remember you or may be starting your talk in the same manner always. You will surely win their hearts!

Last but not the least is the change in the voice-pitch. Do it the way you can but you got to follow the rule consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously.You need to remember that every thought demands a voice variation otherwise there is monotony that will set in and being monotonous is definitely boring. We can go back to nature and listen for a moment to the birds that sing, like the nightingale or the lark and notice the range of notes they use. Just take a moment to think which of these feathered tribes's songs are most pleasing one with little variation or the one with more !

Trying these tips and practicing them would surely propel your public speaking forward, and bring in more opportunities to give a business presentation, or be a keynote speaker or just advance your public speaking skills.

Happy powerful speaking !


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