Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hey, are you ready to leave?

Moving on ......
I am amazed indeed at the incredible strength and determination of the women who gather the courage to leave what no longer serves them. It could be anyone, a friend, a colleague, a partner, sister or any near and dear one or even a job. 

Wonder why we take so long to move on! Why don't we see our infinite potential and courage to find our own happiness?
Be it a job, a relationship, a place that is unfulfilling needs to be let go!

Believe me it's  priceless. If you have questioned your own situation and wonder if it’s time to leave, consider the reasons.....its story time .....
Why She Stayed.... It's her story but it could be yours too! 

She was happy where she was, a heaven like place, where there was infinite, unconditional love—the love they shared was deep and powerful—she was desperate to rekindle it as it energised her. She just thought back as she lay on her couch ..those beautiful moments....

It all felt so wonderful and joyous as they were exploring new things together and she was learning so much about herself. Each one enriching the life of the other. 

She smiled as she  remembered the fun they used to have and how fulfilled she was. He was everything she thought she wanted. Her friends and family used to comment on how happy she was, as if they were envious of the joy she radiated. They longed for it too, or so she thought so.

 Then things started to change, and the feelings began to dissipate, she wondered where she went wrong.  She was intuitive and it told her always...things are dying between you both ...but she trusted him and his love more than her intuition. So she kept trying...trying her best to bring back the spark. She was hopeful that it would come back that strong again. But life seemed to slip out of her hands like sand particles. She feared the loss.

She was upset with herself, that she was somehow to be blamed. She felt that staying showed her commitment and she was worried that she may leave too soon and live to regret it.
She waited for things to get better. She stayed optimistic that things would change.

She questioned many times if she should leave. That was the first sign that she should. But instead, she looked for signs that she should stay on.  And sometimes when she looked hard enough, she found them...found the reasons to stay on. She thought it wasn't terrible and there was surely a lot of good left. She had many ways to rationalize why she shouldn't go away.
She was scared about what she was giving up, and worried about what she may lose if she left. She stayed on. 
But she didn’t consider the consequences of her holding on. The uncertainty, the high's and sudden dips made her vulnerable and she faulted many a times... Behaved the way she would never. 
Then one fine day it happened. The moment came...the moment she feared the most. They parted, he conveyed it in such a straight and simple way. She was shaken if heavens had fallen on her. She knew it for sometime, but dreaded it and there it was right there! 

She was defeated, sad, hurt. She realized that it was no longer serving her. It was making her sad, hurt and frustrated. She cried her soul out for days. She waited ...may be he would come back. 

She was a blessed one, the universe hugged her in its arms and showered love as always, the Angels healed her and life started to unfold around her and happiness began to pursue her once more. She didn’t need to reach for it with outstretched arms like she thought.
Happiness found her.

She still holds onto the happy memories, but she re-affirmed that as always she deserved to be unconditionally happy. She decided that her life was worth pure bliss and that she didn’t need to rationalize her choices any longer.

She is back to her glowing, joyful persona that permeates energy around all those she touches. Her purpose of life re- instated once again. 

That was her and you may have related to her somewhere.
For all of the amazing women of the world, may you find the strength and the courage to live the life of joy you are worthy of and finally take that breath of fresh air. Go on re-invent yourself ... And rewrite your story! 
Be amazing as ever! 

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