Wednesday, 6 May 2015

INSIGHT : "You got to start where you are if you want to expand to where you are going."~ John Maxwell

"To get insight in a situation, you have to get inside of the situation. You can’t have insight if you are removed, if you are distracted, if you pull away. You got to get close to the issue, the question. Insight is a response of reflection. In fact, reflection turns experience into insight. Leaders have insight because they’ve gone inside the circle, the relationships, the journey, they've been there , they’ve touched it, felt it, experienced it themselves. They are not far removed from it. The insight that they have is because they have been inside the situation and it allows them to lead with far sight and vision. You got to start where you are if you want to expand to where you are going" - John Maxwell

An insight as its core, is a thought you've never had before. It's a fresh thought. It stye power of acute observation. It comes from what you deduce, perceive from that observation. If visionary leaders look on the horizon and take a peek of the future, then insightful leaders look beyond to capture the violet ray, or see underneath the surface; if visionary leaders are able to zoom in the future as if it were closer; then insightful leaders are capable to pull past, present and future together to get a greater view.

Leadership is influence. Insightful leaders can make deep influence, as their unique observation & clear discernment can touch the heart, not only shape the mindset.  They are able to pull the world together with the insight that they possess.
Leaders have insight and we sometimes, refer this as vision. While leaders must have vision, they need more than that. They need wisdom and discernment.  Leaders essentially grapple with something larger than what others are willing to grapple with, which is what makes them leaders.

The three "I"s  leaders possess : They are inspired . The second component is integrity, which is a key element in building trust, without which you are never ever going to be a leader. Integrity is about coherence between what you say, do and think .They must have insight into situations, into problems and possible solutions.

Create a deep insight and be a leader ~ to lead yourself and others.

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