Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Thought Loops....

Sometimes there is a story teller within us who keeps repeating the same old story. It seems like an old vinyl record that gets stuck and repeats the same thoughts over and over and we are in constant fear of something that we don't want in our lives.
We all go through this at time or the other. We lie awake night after night thinking of losing our someone special, or worrying about our children, our health or the finances & future. Instead of blocking these thoughts we keep bringing our focus on these thoughts and they engulf our peace & wellness.

The most troubling aspect of thought loops is the non-recognition of the happenings... our entry into the loop. The challenge being that these loops are embellished with strong emotions. Do the emotions trigger the loops, or the loops trigger the emotions? Are there any specific techniques to halt this endless repetitive cycle.
Halt. Think. Reflect.
Let go of fear today. Stop these thoughts.

Recognize the story that you’re telling yourself about each scenario. You stories are limiting beliefs that you create, repeat and live out day after day.

Stories like…

“I just can’t do that.”

“It will never work out for me."

“The cards are certainly stacked against me.”

“There’s not enough time.”

“I’m too young.”

“I’m too old.”

“I’m not smart enough.”

“It’s too late.”

“There's nothing for me.”

“Nobody loves me.”

These fear-based beliefs are false. They cause you to suffer.

Take a choice.

It's an empowering choice that will set you free.

Learn to recognize the storyteller in your head.  Are you willing? Willing to change the storyteller or do you want to be addicted to the old stories and the same drama of self-destruction?

When you change your story, you change your life. The beauty of your story is that you are the author. Give yourself permission to rewrite it.
Be the leader of your life !

Tell yourself the story that inspires you!

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