Friday, 13 February 2015

Are Long Distance Relationship Tough? …life becomes no more than the song “Hey there Delilah !”

Are you in a relationship and your partner has to move to another city or country .Or, you fell in love with someone not in the same city as you are in. Welcome to the world of missing, and a lot of missing!
 Here are so many reasons why LDRs are mostly cringed upon.

The Incessant Missing
There is no cure to this -_- You’ll always miss your partner no matter how much time you guys spend on Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp.

Time Zones Are Hard to handle
Say hello to being sleep deprived all the time! If your partner is in another time zone, both of you have to make adjustments to sleep patterns to talk to each other and stay in touch.

You are in love with your Gadgets
Pretty much. You’re either texting on your laptop, your phone, or you are on your web camera, your internet connection becomes your lifeline.

Dates Don’t Happen
Unless you’re the kind that is okay with having virtual dates – watching the same movie on respective laptops and sharing comments via texting, or being on phone while the movie runs. Even if you try and plan your sweet meets …they never seem to work out.

Feeling Alone at get-togethers
Because you are hundreds of miles away. Even if you go with your friends, sight of one couple holding hands is enough to trigger the waterworks. Every song being played reminds you of the love that flows.

The Wait kills
For them to come online, to see the screenshot you sent, to see the one-liner that you texted. The wait is on...

Trust issues Arise
Your relationship becomes a pot of fights, resentments and more if you guys have trust issues. Every new like on a new selfie triggers the Sherlock Holmes in you. Just because you are unable to meet may cause trust issues. 

Loneliness at Times of Need

Sometimes all you need is a hug, but no, you are unable to get one . Skype doesn’t let them touch you. You’ve to hug yourself to sleep, which is pretty sad if you are in a relationship. You got to do with virtual hugs ! 
Happy Valentine's Day to all ! 

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