Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Sky Is The Limit!

We are all spiritual beings looking for greater expression and fulfilment. What stops us is our own worst enemy..the mind. It’s an every day effort to be in the present moment, to take control of the flood of thoughts and images in our mind, our powerful feelings and progressive action.
We keep getting flashbacks of regret… “If I had only done this a year ago!”,”Why didn't I do something about it?” We never seem to let go of the past. 
We keep getting these glimpses of promise within us..”Tomorrow I’m going to get my life organised…I will definitely start my goal..”
Right now, is the wasted moment (The overlooked gift) as we’re living in all the times…past and future but "NOW."

Let go of the past,capitalize on the present and create a beautiful future for yourself. Practice it till it becomes a habit ! The vastness of the sky is what will unfold for us ! 

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