Monday, 5 January 2015

New year thoughts continued….

2015 has set in…I love the new year! It always fills me with a feeling of new  possibilities. It’s a fresh start and time to try something new…with the New Year coming in, new aspirations , new hopes set in. I am unstoppable in sharing  all the thoughts coming up in my mind. 

One thing that people surely think at this time of the year is about their career. Are you thinking too! Lets just ponder over some career thoughts! 

Typically we all generally fall into one of three camps: happy, may be okay for now or definitely not happy. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, there are things you can do to move your career in the right direction.
Lets take them up one by one. 

Happy with your current position? Great! That’s good news. Do you know that you are unique as you fall into the minority count?  According to a recent Right Management poll, just 5 percent of workers polled said they intend to remain in their current position. So celebrate and make the most of your unique situation! Evolve more, seek newer opportunities, contribute to the success of your employer or your company. 

Your job is okay…for now? Now, in the beginning of the year its a great time to start putting out feelers and look for greater directions and making connections that could lead to a new opportunity. Main factors that make people seek newer pastures are- one, confidence in their ability to find a better option and two, the frustration with the status quo. And what better time to look for a job than when you already have one at hand. Reach out to recruiters, advisors or coaches.

A coach can proactively help you take more control of your career. Coaches can help you think and decide for yourself, help you visualise  about what that new position would look like, and what you would need to seriously consider making a move.
Coaching can help you assess your current skills, experience and requirements, help you make a clear, realistic career action plan.
If you fall into the third camp of definitely not happy where you are, or may be you do not have a job currently? Now is a great time to renew the vigor of your job search. Do up your skills of research and reaching out. Making sure your resume and portfolio of work are current and professionally presented as it does help to make that first impression. Stay aware and be on top of news of growth or changes within companies you’re interested in so that you are one of the first to know of new opportunities. Commit to frequently attending industry events or meetings to be aware . To move to the next level to wherever you are in your career take note of three things :

Be a learner all your life.  Acquire new skills. You got to be responsible for your own growth. Stay up-to-date. Seek out to take classes thus upgrading your skills.

Stay connected with inspiration. To be interesting, be interested. Read, research, listen. Keep your antennas on as there is content, information and data everywhere. 

Always be on the look out for meeting interesting people. Next time you get to attend an event, make it a point to meet someone you don't know rather than sticking to the old acquaintances. Interesting conversations happen with people who are different from you.

Good Luck for a Superb career graph this year !

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