Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dare to Take The Unbeaten Track …

It’s no secret that the key to success is your mind set. let me share a few changes that one can bring in to own this secret.

There is a famous belief that most people earn within 20% of the mean income of their closest associates/ friends. Unless you move ahead and  get better role models you cant be a greater winner so hang around with winners. You might be a bit uncomfortable but soon you would get the push required to step out of the comfort zone. 

Overcome the fear to tread on the unbeaten track. Think what others can’t. Do something that you’ve never done before. Embrace the change, even if you are a bit reticent & begrudging to do that, take small steps by least accepting it. Notice the confidence setting in.

Have you ever thought of why certain people are stuck in a financial mediocrity- its because they are scared to take the risk. Ask yourself what you fear and get over it.

The road to success will always have its ups & downs, the pot holes, detours and traps. That’s why most people just give up midway. To be successful, you got to become BIGGER than those problems! You must grow your stature and mindset so that the problems begin to seem SMALL as compared to you!

All that is required is the confidence to affirm that you are bigger than any of the problems. Take on a problem , think of 3 actions you can take to become bigger than it this week.
You owe success  to yourself so begin to make these changes. It is simply a mindset change that becomes established with practice! So try it & get going ! 
See the world from a different angle ! 
Signing off here with a hope that you will take the challenge !!

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