Saturday, 8 November 2014

Determine your Learning style

Sharing what I used often as a teacher!
Every one has preferences for learning. It’s all about what works best for you. If you understand how you learn best, how you comprehend any new information coming across you, studying for exams or acquiring new skills on a new job, you can save on your time. Do you see more or hear more or do more? That helps you know your style of learning. The most common learning style are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. We can have more than one style working for us !
Think back on a class in which you received a good grade. How did the teacher teach? How did you study for the tests?
Let me give you and example of a simple task of remembering a phone number(though these days you don't need to ). 
Do you see, in your mind’s eye, how the numbers look on the phone? Or can you ‘see’ the number on a piece of paper, picturing it exactly as you wrote it down? You might be a visual learner
Or, perhaps you can ‘hear’ the number in the way that someone recited it to you, breaking into 3 digits. In this case, you might be an auditory learner
If you ‘let your fingers do the walking’ on the phone, i.e., your fingers dial the number without looking at the phone, you may be a tactile/kinesthetic learner.”

So go ahead explore your style of learning and move closure to your goals!!!

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