Monday, 6 October 2014



When mistrust comes in, love goes out. – Irish saying
The Trust is instinctive and is always nurtured with faith. And just a step away is what we would never want in life ...betrayal, one of the most painful things one person can inflict on another. And once released, betrayal can wear down faith with relentless pain. Although the pain is unbearable, one can restore the damaged foundation of the relationship by rebuilding the trust.
Here are few steps to rebuild trust, each focused on forgiveness. The first and foremost being -Listening intently: It is the first step to reconciliation . Its all about you putting their feelings first, showing that you value not only what they have to say, but how they feel.
Magic starts to begin when you express Earnest Intentions. There could be nothing better than to restore their confidence in your intentions.
Lots happen when you Respect their feelings. The natural response to pain and hurt is to shut down. Respect their feelings and demonstrate remorse by acknowledging your role in how they feel. Convince that you understand and respect how you made them feel.
Make an effort to Expel Deceit: Hidden lies hurt more than recognized lies. A betrayal of trust already cuts deep to where there is no margin for deceit. . Open yourself to honesty and avoid the contours of concealed intrigue. By being straightforward you no longer hide your faults where they can inflict pain. You are showing yourself ready to reconcile.
Last but not the least- Reconcile. Without reconciliation, the relationship becomes a fraudulent thing dressed in the tatters of torn friendship. And so you must resolve and reconcile your breach of trust on their terms because it is their decision whether they believe the chance of another betrayal is worth the sum parts of your relationship. You are in this way placing the bond of trust into their hands. They cannot trust you until you trust them. Whether the path is easy or difficult it is the only route leading to the reclamation of your relationship.
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